Mozambique Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Motion

8-9 August 2017

The African Management Services AMSCO is developing an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Mozambique.

A group of 25 entrepreneurs with 0-3 years’ entrepreneurial experience converged at Maluana, Mozambique from 8-9 August 2017 for a beneficial training organised by the African Management and Services Company (AMSCO) and the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Facilitated by Netherland’s based Leslie Abell from BIDX, the training was aimed at developing a network of companies and start-ups to have a strong entrepreneurial drive. One key factor that defines a strong ecosystem is the ability for the network to develop sound business plans, an activity that brings them closer to investors or financial support. The AMSCO training reinforced that with the need to have a professional social media presence and a good attitude that makes one receptive to learning from others and sharing for a greater course.

Access to finance comes with its challenges. Entrepreneurs therefore have to know their story and exude the confidence required to attract investments and be trusted. The rush to get financial support before enabling business growth for at least two years remains a common obstacle in African countries. Some get the money but lose it shortly after due to poor financial management.

It is through a well-developed entrepreneurial ecosystem that Mozambican enterprises will be able to open untapped markets through the network, attract funding and grow their businesses organically. Learning from each other helps. In most cases entrepreneurs share similar goals but fail to tap knowledge from likeminded businesses or value chain actors.

By the end of the training, entrepreneurs had set-up a social media group to continue networking and benchmarking from best practice.

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