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We are a human capital development firm that offers comprehensive integrated service packages with a core focus on partnership-driven capacity and skills development to assist SMEs in becoming leaders in their field. We develop tailor-made development programmes designed to fulfill the unique needs of businesses to make them competitive and profitable.

AMSCO has a history of successfully implementing the African Training and Management Services Project (ATMS) which was established by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), African Development Bank (AfDB) and International Finance Corporation (IFC).

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AMSCO addresses systemic issues that are hindering the growth of entrepreneurs, businesses and economic growth. Development Consulting is based on the premise of making markets work to promote social economic development, by working in partnership with African governments, global, regional, national and private development sectors.

Enterprise Development Programme (EDP) is a framework agreement between African Governments to provide registered enterprise solutions for management resourcing that enables growth, turnaround, sustainability and competitive business with in African countries.

We specialise in various programmes that include leadership development, finance, strategy, corporate governance, sales team training and soft skills.

AMSCO programmes expose participants to a comprehensive package of functional and general management development activities – all of which contribute to making organisations globally competitive and sustainable.We provide a range of highly impactful, pragmatic and unique programmes designed for private enterprises (including SMEs), public sector and individuals, aimed at accelerating growth and profitability. Our programmes are delivered in English, French and Portuguese.

HR advisory is a division within the AMSCO group of companies created to influence the discourse around Human Resource Management across the African continent. The ability to attract, retain senior talent is increasingly becoming a necessity that needs the support of rapid career advancement opportunities and focussed development of local talent. Initiatives under the service include Recruitment, Training & Development programmes and HR Consulting.

The Impact Advisory service is offered through AMSCO subsidiary company GreaterImpact. GreaterImpact has a deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of communities and civil society organisations, as well as the corporate social investment and finance sectors. This enables them to merge a sustainable development focus with a pragmatic business approach. They help clients integrate social impact and value creation practices into their core business strategy so that, they can grow an inclusive African economy. They offer Impact Mapping, Impact design and Impact assessment.

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