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The AMSCO South Africa office was established in 2003 when the regional office was moved from Harare, Zimbabwe to Johannesburg. Initially set up to service the whole of Anglophone Southern Africa, the South African office currently services Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland.

Besides acting as the operational head office of AMSCO and housing the critical corporate services support functions such as Finance, Human resources, Legal and Risk. The South Africa office provides Recruitment & HR services, Training & Development, Management consulting services and Impact Advisory services to corporates, NGOs, and Bilateral agencies.  

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AMSCO addresses systemic issues that are hindering the growth of entrepreneurs, businesses and economic growth. This programme is based on the premise of making  community development, local markets and development initiatives  work to promote social economic development,  by promoting partnership with African governments, global, regional, national and private  funders in the development sectors.

Building on the legacy of over 28 years’ experience  we have been working in partnership with African governments, development actors and the private sector, and informed by the National Development Plans of countries of operation, AMSCO identifies human capital bottle­necks to sectors or industry growth. Based on our diagnostic process and analysis, we develop custom tailored solutions and catalyze smart partnerships. The strategy is to address systemic issues that promote social economic growth.

Activities under Development Projects

    1. i. Technical assistance programme design and management e.g. Climate Change, Renewable Energy, Agriculture, Education,Innovation & Impact and Youth Empowerment
    1. ii. Project management or management of grants including monitoring & evaluation
    1. iii. Implementing local content and supplier development programmes
    1. iv. SME and business development in support of market access
    1. v. SME and business development in support of inclusive finance and access to finance
    vi. Promotion of Women Economic Empowerment




 AMSCO specialises in various management and supervisory training programmes that include leadership development, finance, strategy, corporate governance, sales team training and other soft skills. Through our training and development service, we also design and deliver client driven sectorial initiatives that are intended to tackle industry, SMEs and Entrepreneurs Business Development Services challenges. Our programmes also seek to address capacity gaps and improve business operations, based on our 29 years of experience in supporting, African enterprises. 

Description of Service

AMSCO Greater Capital provides customized training development programmes to promote human capital development and talent development on two specific design principles:

  • Focused/Open Programmes are designed for individuals drawn from different organisations with similar needs.
  • Company Specific Programmes are customised to address the unique needs of an individual company

Our Programmes are delivered through a range of training programmes designed for individuals, companies and industries, to accelerate enterprise growth and profitability; as well as skills development impact such as:

  • Programmes for Entrepreneurs and SMEs
  • Action My Business Growth-For Women Entrepreneurs
  • Improve your Business
  • Expand Your Business
  • SME Management Solutions
  • Strategic Corporate Governance and Accountability Reloaded
  • Impact Investing and Measurement Training

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  We offer recruitment services to private companies, public and meso-level institutions across multiple industries. We forge long term relationships with our clients, not only to assist in securing the best candidate who will grow their career within the client company, but also to become the trusted recruitment partner. We believe in recruitment that transcends global best practices AMSCO also provides various other HR services including payroll services.

The Impact Advisory service is offered through GreaterCapital. GreaterCapital (GC) is an AMSCO-affiliated NPO that has a deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of communities and civil society organisations, as well as the corporate social investment and finance sectors. This enables GC to merge a sustainable development focus with a pragmatic business approach. GC helps clients integrate social impact and value creation practices into its core business strategy so that, it may grow an inclusive African economy. GC offers Impact Mapping, Impact Design and Impact Assessment. In addition to these key services, offered, it also provides Training and Development on Impact Measurement. GC also Implements and provides Project Management services on Climate Change, Renewable energy, Education and Youth Empowerment.  

We work with clients to ensure that their social and economic development programmes are high impact and sustainable. We do this through trusted partnerships and using our experience and expertise in a broad range of strategic impact advisory services that help clients map, design, assess and enhance their development impact. We work with funders, regulators and implementers of social and economic development programmes, and have the knowledge and experience to offer solutions that are tailored to meet their specific needs.



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  • The Biovac Institute AMSCO case study

Case Study: The Biovac Institute

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The Biovac Institute was established in 2003 through public private partnership between the South African government and a private healthcare company in order to set up a human vaccine manufacturer in South Africa.

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