Project Description


Biopharma SA is recognized as one of the fastest growing companies through partnership with 13 business partners around the world and more than thirty products distributed in domestic market.


Les Laboratoires Biopharma SA (Biopharma) produces quality cosmetic products, ranging from skin lotions to baby shampoos, especially for ethnic hair and skin. It was founded in 2001 by local entrepreneur, Mr Francis Nana Djomou, and grew quickly during its early years.

With a vision to expand and penetrate multiple markets outside of Cameroon, the founding CEO recognised a gap in managerial and financial management skills within Biopharma.


In 2007, Mr Djomou approached AMSCO to source, recruit and second the relevant expertise required for the business. AMSCO recruited a qualified expert, Boubakar Diarra, from Cote d’Ivoire. Mr Diarra was contracted as a technical expert seconded to Biopharma as Technical Director for three years with the aim of optimising production efficiency and product quality, skills transferal and staff training and development.

The founding CEO was highly satisfied with Mr Diarra’s work which resulted in the AMSCO expert being offered a permanent position as Deputy Director at the end of the AMSCO engagement.


0billion CFA
annual turnover as at December 2016, up from a turnover of CFA 2.5 billion
employees as at December 2016
brands, three branches in Cameroon and two factories in Douala
African markets in which they have a presence and customer base
  • Part of AMSCO’s objectives were knowledge transfer and succession planning. The local production manager was coached by the AMSCO technical expert and has subsequently been promoted to Technical Director.
  • Over the years, Biopharma has seen an increase in the number of women staff and currently a third of its employees are women.
  • Biopharma prides itself on its fair employee compensation with the lowest salary being CFA 110 000 a month. Over the last 10 years, the company has almost tripled the employee tax paid to the government from CFA 1.2 million to CFA 3.5 million annually.
  • Biopharma also contributes to the local economy by sourcing raw materials from small local independent suppliers.
  • Currently the owner of Biopharma is diversifying into the food and beverages industry and intends to work with AMSCO in this new endeavour.