Project Description

SEEDCO, Zambia

In March 2014, SEEDCO Zambia, Musika and AMSCO partnered to implement the ‘improve your business’ training programme. The primary objectives of the training were to build the entrepreneurial acumen of 40 agro-dealers and to lay the foundation for sales outreach infrastructure for SEEDCO.


AMSCO was engaged by SEEDCO to develop the competitiveness of 50 target distributors through entrepreneurship development within the SEEDCO value chain. SEEDCO found that the agricultural yields were low, and the agro dealers they engaged with lacked business administration skills. As a result there was an opportunity to improve business owners’ ability to generate income – both at a household and at national tax revenue level.


Having mobilised funds for the program along with SEEDCO and MUSIKA, AMSCO in addition implemented an entrepreneurship development program for the distributors to grow their reach into rural areas and enable the reduction of recycled seeds and to develop market linkages for the small scale farmers using SEEDCO products.


As a result the partnership with Seedco and Musika has helped agro-dealers across Zambia to achieve significant increases in sales and to improve in agro-inputs distribution. By the end of the project, beneficiaries had achieved significant increases in monthly sales:

of the target stockists had increased monthly sales by over 30%
had grown their sales by between 10% and 30%
had increased their sales by between 31% and 50%
had expanded their sales by over 50%